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Mary Rothlisberger is a citizen artist with an emphasis on cultural empowerment in rural and under-recognized communities. She believes in small towns, long winters, optimists, parades, and talking about feelings. Her life-long collaborators include Cabin-Time, Camp Little Hope, EpicenterShared Space Studio, and the United States Postal Service.

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M12, Star Route 1; Byers, Colorado
Epicenter, Curatorial; Green River, Utah
UMOCA, Utah Museum of Contemporary ArtArtist-In-Residence; Salt Lake City, Utah
Rabbit Island, Artist-In-Residence with Jack Forinash and Kelly Gregory; Lake Superior, Michigan
Hinge Arts, Artist-In-Residence; with Springboard for the Arts and Partnership for Health; Fergus Falls, Minnesota 
Western Carolina University, Artist-In-Residence with Camp Little Hope; Cullowhee, North Carolina
Rural Environments Field School, Visiting Faculty; Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona
Shared Space Studio Restrospective: The Land of Here and Now, Co-curator; Fed Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fed Galleries, Artist-In-Residence with Eliza Fernand; Grand Rapids, Michigan

M12, Star Route 1; Byers, Colorado
Epicenter, Curatorial; Green River, Utah
Pyramid Youth Programs, site-based curriculum development; Green River, Utah
Elsewhere, South Elm Projects with Camp Little Hope; Greensboro, North Carolina

Rural Environments Field School, Visiting Faculty; Colorado, Nebraska, Dakotas, Wyoming
Shared Space Studio, Residency Co-Director; Pentwater, Michigan
Sierra Nevada College MFA/IA, Artist-in-Residence; Incline Village, Nevada
Cabin-Time: SleepoutWild Horse Canyon, Utah
High Desert Test Sites | Epicenter; Green River, Utah
Cabin-Time: Archipelago; Deer Isle, Maine
The Chamber of Commons with Camp Little Hope; Greensboro, North Carolina
CUAC (Central Utah Art Center): The Last Stand is to Lay Down, Artist-in-Residence with Jack Forinash; Birch Creek Service Ranch, Spring City, Utah

CURRICULUM VITAE, if that's what you're into