I Have Ideas of Mountains

Austin, Texas (2011) at Creative Lab Institute

✳ Collaborators: Peter Reichardt, Kristy Weaver

In our collaborative installation work, we explore the notion that we are made of where we have been. The world we walk through mirrors the world we build within ourselves. Our piece in Spaceworks Tacoma is a window into the ephemeral internal human landscape. It is a long walk through the intersections where human experiences collide to make mountain ranges that stretch across the spaces between us. The imaginative cartography of our everyday interactions makes an atlas out of everyone. As we map our peripatetic experiences of one another and our momentary environments, we illustrate a collaborative and never-ending fiction.

The materials used reference temporary shelters, transience, play, home, and familiarity.  Reuse is an important part of our collaborative practice and we believe the creative process should be hinged on an everyday accessibility. Within this consumer culture we have an abundance of material that can be reused, and therefore, repurposed within the creative sphere. The environment of the installation points to the ability of everyday materials to be transformed into powerful metaphors of inter-relational experience.