Love Is The Greatest Hunter

Wilderness, Michigan

The fur trade in North Michigan has a tangled and tragic history-- buried under every winter's snow are stories of conflict and coercion, wayfinding and wandering, paths and passages, homelessness and home-making. The tall-tales of voyageurs and sagamen grow from an oral tradition of fictions and feelings. The trap as an object is a simultaneous portrait of hunter and hunted; in order to catch what you are seeking, you've got to become what you are wanting at. How do you build a catch, a trap, a snare for holding what lies beyond and all around us? The sixth and seventh senses, the unsaid sentence, the pause before, and the moment after.  The intermission, the interstitial, the ellipses. Traps are tropes, stories write themselves these days, and love is the greatest hunter that ever was.

The work for this project included a series of performances, sculptural interventions, and the final collection of feelings trapped and bottled.

Photographs by Carson Davis Brown