The USA in Color

2013, collaborative paintings with Paul Richardson (paper, colored pencil, rapidograph, usa in color clippings, carl sandburg)

VIRGINIA (love is a deep and a dark and a lonely)
KANSAS (and you take it deep take it dark)
NEW YORK (take it with a lonely winding)
ILLINOIS (when the winding gets too lonely)
DAKOTA (then may come the windflowers)
CASCADIA (and the breath of wind)
WASHINGTON (winding its way out of)
OCEAN ERIE (out of many lonely flowers)
WISCONSIN (waiting in rainleaf whispers)
KENTUCKY (waiting in dry stalks of noon)
MICHIGAN (wanting in a music of windbreaths)
UTAH (it comes with a voice and a face)
COLORADO (you make a talk of it)
OCEAN MICHIGAN (you put it away for a keen keeping)
NORTH CAROLINA (you find it to be a hoarding)
MONTANA (like one book being a long row of books)
MINNESOTA (like leaves of windflowers bending low)