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Do you sometimes get lost in your own process?
Do you have ideas but struggle to make them happen?
Are there things you want to do to contribute to your community?
Do you want to start a business and feel like you’re not good enough?
Do you feel totally stuck?
Is it time to restructure your life to support your creativity?
What is your life’s work?
Are you doing it?
Can you see your golden nature?

Golden Nature is a creative coaxing service, helping people nurture their personal and professional practices. We work one-on-one with clients to develop containers for creative work, customize administrative systems for success, and build timelines for all possible futures.

At Golden Nature, we invent the tools you need to succeed in the work that you love to do.  From community calendars to google doc art to funny money budgets, we’ll work together to make your dreams into realities. We believe everyone has an important role in the futures we are building together.

Golden Nature Guides You

For Starters

Coming Up With Ideas
Project Visioning
Identifying Partners and Collaborators
Building your Creative Team
Timelines and Deliverables
High Level Budgets
Funding Resources

For Artists

Making a Curriculum Vitae
Applying to Artist Residencies
Developing your Portfolio
Building and Maintaining your Website
Creative Documentation
Managing your Digital Archive
Getting Paid

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Customized Business Systems
Project Rates and Services
Time Management Coaching
Simplified Financial Systems
Invoicing and Billing 
Futures Visioning and Strategy
Accountability Action Items

For Organizations & Communities

Community Calendars
Leadership Roles  
Sharing Responsibilities
Timelines and Deliverables
Community Funding Opportunities
Systems for Mutual Benefit
Cultural Programming
Brass Tacks Possibilities

We can do something for everyone. Get in touch!

Creative Professionals
Personal Practice


Community Organizations

Business Owners