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No idea too big,
No project too small.

We are all right-sized at Golden Nature!

Golden Nature is always game for sliding scale and trade offers, especially for rural freaks and rookie artists. I have a limited number of openings for trade, so please reach out if you would like to negotiate a mutually beneficial and equitable exchange of skills! All sorts are welcome.

Put on your thinking costume and drop me a line


(15 minutes)
Let’s talk! Brief me about where you are at with your precious golden nature and we’ll see if working together feels like a good fit. 

Lunch Date

(60 minute meeting)
We’ll spend 30 minutes exploring your ideas and a 30-minute intensive outlining next steps, future resources, and right-sized strategy. Lunch Date includes followup with an actionable punchlist and links to related resources. The work of making it happen is up to you!

Work Day

(2 hour meeting)
Using a co-created agenda we will tackle your biggest most intimidating administrative obstacles. Work Days are designed by both of us, developing a list of actionable items that can be accomplished in an afternoon and usually is followed by a happy hour. Work Day includes a followup with a timestamped punchlist and links to related resources. The work of all your next steps is up to you!

Tandem Bicycle 

(Lunch Date + 2 Work Days)
This is the all-hands-on-deck bundle for jumpstarting your creative practice and dreamiest projects. This successive combination of ideating, systems building, and professional skill-sharing will set you up with custom and collaboratively designed tools for your projects. Tandem Bicycle includes personal timelines, actionable punchlists, and directory of related resources. The work of keeping pace is up to you!

Group Work

(30 minute planning meeting, 90 minute group meeting)
Your point person will have a planning meeting with me outlining your group’s goals for our time together. I will facilitate the group conversation for an hour and a half, helping you stay on track and collaboratively process your ideas. Group Work includes a followup with transcribed results and next steps for your next meeting.

Adult Baby Sitting 

(Up to 3 hours)
You work on your punchlist and I keep you on task and remind you to stretch.


(30 minute planning call, 60 minute workshop, 30 minute Q&A)
Looking to dive deep and learn something together? Golden Nature offers customised workshops on the services of your choice. (See offerings in Golden Nature Guides below, or hit me up with other requests). Workshops can accomodate groups of up to 15 people and include delivery of designed-for-printout workbook of prompts, reflections, frameworks, or related resources.

Personal Paperwork

Golden Nature Guides are custom-built for your practice. They can include templates for time tracking, budgeting, invoicing, project proposals, project management, administration, and more. We’ll identify your gaps, research right-sized right-priced platforms, and develop administrative systems that work for your brain.

Golden Nature Guides

Rates for listed project services start at $95/hour. Schedule a consultation to create a punchlist, work plan, and project cost estimate. If you would like to add Golden Nature Guidework to any of the above packages, I will bill at an hourly rate.

For Starters

Coming Up With Ideas
Project Visioning
Identifying Partners and Collaborators
Building your Creative Team
Timelines and Deliverables
High Level Budgets
Funding Resources

For Artists

Making a Curriculum Vitae
Applying to Artist Residencies
Developing your Portfolio
Building and Maintaining your Website
Creative Documentation
Managing your Digital Archive
Getting Paid

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Customized Business Systems
Project Rates and Services
Time Management Coaching
Simplified Financial Systems
Invoicing and Billing
Futures Visioning and Strategy
Accountability Action Items

For Organizations & Communities

Community Calendars
Leadership Roles  
Sharing Responsibilities
Timelines and Deliverables
Community Funding Opportunities
Systems for Mutual Benefit
Cultural Programming
Brass Tacks Possibilities